Meeting the new babies

Pictures of my weekend can be found here

Had a fun, busy weekend. On Friday, Catherine and I went to visit her friend Ashley and new 2 week old baby, Murphy. He was such a peanut! So cute. Check out the picture of Ashley’s mom, Ashley, the weird kitchen countertop lamp post in the rented house, Catherine and baby Murphy.

Also got to visit with my new best beagle buddies, Russell & Riki. The way they sit on the couch is hysterical.

Catherine and I stopped at the big Super Wal-mart in Windham on our way home and got to view some interesting folk to say the least. Then we stopped at Wendy’s for dinner (across from Wal-mart) and saw even more interesting folk. My favorite was the 20 year old guy that came in from the parking lot, went straight for the ketchup dispensers, filled about 6 mini cups of ketchup and left. I wondered aloud if he was a meth addict and that was probably his dinner.

On Saturday, I had some unexpected car trouble (battery) with my cursed Honda. The car hates me. I will be getting my revenge soon by selling it. Ha-Ha.. I WIN!

Then stopped at Mom’s house to drop off some Easter goodies and get some Easter goodies from mom. Check out the fantastic cookies that Mom (Martha) decorated – LOVE THEM!

Then I was off to Cassie’s to meet the man of the hour, Nando! The dog is a ham – loves people, kisses, the camera, and is a bit of a tag-along. He is too funny!

One surprise of the day was seeing that our friend, Trish, has busted up her face (has stitches) in an unfortunate mountain bike accident. It normally wouldn’t be something to joke about, but poor Trish has busted up her face in the past in an unfortunate moped accident – Trish needs to stay away from things on 2 wheels from now on. You can see the damage in one of the pictures.

Mike made us a lovely dinner and got to see the Wii in action. A lovely night was had by all. I made mini s’mores cupcakes to celebrate the event. YUM!

Tomorrow, I’m off to upstate NY with Mom & Bill to get a new border collie puppy at Glenhighland Farm (a border collie rescue) – YAHOO! Will post pics of the new baby tomorrow.

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