Burst of Creativity & Living Room Update

I’ve been very busy with several different craft/knitting projects. I’m having a creative spurt right now and don’t feel like there is enough time in the day to get all my crafts done – poor me!

I’m just finished square #12 for my barn raising quilt (pic above – only about a million more squares to go). I haven’t decided if I’m going to make the full quilt or if I will make it a table runner for my dining room table. Decisions, decisions.

I’ve finished square #4 for my Lizard Ridge Blanket (with about a million more squares to go too!). My colors are more subdued than the original pattern (my squares above), but still very interesting.

I’m also knitting a super secret gift for a friend. Details to be posted after gift is given.

I also got inspiration from this blog to make a yo-yo garland to drape over my super cool headboard that Bill made for me out of an old door. Above is a picture of the 12 that I have done already. Below is a pic of said headboard. The yo-yos are fun and quick to make.

In decorating news… I sold my Lillian August couch (too cushy for knitting purposes) and replaced it with a more FIRM, clean lined couch I picked up at the Crate & Barrel outlet in Maine (who would have thought that vacation would lead to new furniture?). Since my old coffee table was too tall for the new couch, my lights were too gold tone and my side tables were also too tall, I was forced **ok, not so much forced** to buy a new ottoman/coffee table, lamps and side table. I ordered the ottoman/coffee table/storage bench and the side tables online and they haven’t come in yet. Below are pics of the couch and the items I have on order. Yay for makeovers!

Next week is my b-day – yikes. I’m getting old, but not as old as my friend since 1st grade, JoAnna. Sister Catherine & I are going to celebrate my birth by going out to our favorite crepe/breakfast place and then getting massages and facials. JoAnna is throwing a little b-day party for me on the 4th – yahoo! The 5th will bring me to the annual Eric/Jason (formerly Jayne/Steve) picnic. Fun things to look forward too.

I’ve also been getting much dog love in my life. Between Nando, Eily, Sadie & Bailey, there is so much love to go around. Catherine & I took Eily to the dog park for the first time recently and I think I may have had even a better time than the dog. If I had my own dog, I think I’d be there every day – so much fun!

That’s it for now…

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