Why yes, that is a hot pink sock monkey

Once upon a time
a sock monkey was born pink
and very stripe-y

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Super secret knitting gift revealed.

So, here’s a picture of that secret knitted gift I talked about in an earlier post.

Yep, it’s a knit thong. I made this thong for a fellow knitter/coworker for her co-ed bridal shower at work. She was many shades of red when she saw it and wanted to hid it in the package for no one to see. That wasn’t going to happen and I proudly showed it off to everyone and it was passed around the room for further inspection.

When I told people that I was making a knit thong before the big reveal, the first reaction was “ewwwwwww”, but when they saw it in real life, they were totally down with it and I actually was offered money to make more. Sorry folks, I’m only knitting one thong in my life.

The lucky bride-to-be is getting married this weekend in Minnesota – Congrat’s Val!

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Oh yeah, I turned a year older

I’m officially closer to 40 than I am to 30 – ugh. Took the day off and spent it with sister Catherine.

We first went to our favorite crepe restaurant in Durham. Yum, although it took them forever to bring our order out.

Then we had an interesting trip to JoAnn Fabrics in Newington. We had a verbal altercation with a 100 year old fabric cutter lady (which I ended up writing one of my famous complaint letters about). Nope, I haven’t heard anything back. Let’s just say she was a bitter bag of bones (like fabric stores… a dying breed, if you will).

Then we went to get massages, facials & paraffin wax hand treatments. Found out something new about myself that day. I have claustrophobia. Who knew that a facial would bring that out? Apparently, my hands do not like to be bound in plastic and placed in warming mitts whilst boiling hot steam is blowing in my face and up my nose in hurricane force winds. That’s what the first 15 minutes of my facial felt like. I finally asked the the facialist (yes, they do have a name) to please remove my hands from their straight jacket and to get the typhoon off my face. After she did that, I was fine. I had never, up until that point, experienced claustrophobia. Crazy.

The massage was nice, although they kept the room at meat-locker style temps (and I usually run hot, so it actually must have been walk-in freezer temps). My favorite part of the massage was the face/head massage. From now on, that’s all I’m going to request. Yup, an hour rubbing my noggin.

It was also my first time getting a paraffin wax treatment. You dip your hands in wax three times then they put your hands in plastic baggies (more hand bondage) and in a few minutes, your hands are magically 10 years younger. It is kind of cool how your hands look like they are corpse hands after the 3rd dip in paraffin. I miss Six Feet Under.

Sister Catherine and I also went to the dog park again after a dinner of my favorite pizza. The dog park was hoppin’. We saw lots of different types of doggies and little miss Eily had a grand time. My favorite dog there (besides Eily, of course) was a border collie mix with his stoner owner. He was commenting that he’s surprised at how mellow his dog is. Sister Catherine later commented that of course his dog is mellow – he’s being “clam baked” all day in his house. Other dogs of note: A Jack Russell Terrier that needed a swift kick in the barker; A super cute American Bulldog puppy; a super boring, gorgeous mini Australian Shepherd (with, as Sister Catherine pointed out, equally boring owners); a weird guy with his equally weird German Shepherd. I tell ya, dog parks have quite the mix of humans and dogs.

On Friday, July 4th, JoAnna hosted a lovely b-day party for me. It was supposed to be a pool party in Jo’s cool new pool, but the weather didn’t cooperate. It’d be a cold day in hell before I got in a swimsuit anyway, so I wasn’t bothered by it at all. Like usual, Marissa was a riot and taught us that you CAN blow party favors through your nose – who knew?

It wouldn’t be a party at Jo’s without an insult from Thomas though, and he didn’t disappoint. I thankfully shielded him from the near misses from the fireworks though. He should be grateful. Despite Jo’s predictions, no one, including her husband, died a fiery, fireworks death.

Friday night brought me to mom’s house for an overnight visit. I was awoken Saturday morning by a silly border collie sitting next to my bed, her face in mine, breathing stinky dog breath in my face. What a wake up! Mom made a lovely crepe breakfast for me and then I went with Bill to bring the doggies to dog park where he proceeded to launch tennis balls to the dogs using a tennis ball launcher. Their energy amazes me. They never wore out.

Saturday night was the annual 4th of July party at Eric, Jason & Becca’s house – always a good time. Met some new people and had yet another birthday celebration. Nothing like have 3 or 4 birthday celebrations in a row. The weather left much to be desired, but we all had a good time anyway. There were about 20 kids/teenagers there and, once again, I am grateful to be child free.

That’s it for now.

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