It’s time to vote!

Yay, the big day is finally here! It has been a long time coming and I must say that I was a little disappointed that there were no lines at my polling location when I got there. I kind of feel like I missed out on the authentic voting experience. I had even downloaded Sara Bareille’s new live CD on my iPod last night and was hoping to enjoy some music while in line to vote (The CD is fantastic, by the way, and I can’t wait to see her at The Webster tomorrow night – yahoo!) Oh well, the lack of lines allowed me an extra hour at home this morning which brought me to a funny story…

I was watching the Today Show and at approx. 8:30am EST and they were broadcasting live video from Chicago where Obama and his family were voting. It seemed to take a long time for Obama to finish voting and Meredith Vierra said “Why is it taking so long for him to vote?” to which Al Roker said something to the effect of “Well, there are a lot of ballot initiatives this year, like gay sex marriage, er same sex marriage.” I didn’t know that gay sex was a ballot initiative in Chicago this year. That’s a progressive city, huh? Yes, it’s quite juvenile, but I thought that it was the funniest thing when Al said on live TV this morning “Gay Sex Marriage” instead of “Same Sex Marriage” or “Gay Marriage”. I wonder what was on Al’s mind this morning?
Maybe he has the same feelings for Matt Lauer as I do!

Anywho…What’s worse than a sinus/throat infection that won’t go away? Locking your keys in your car while filling up with gas on your way to getting sore throat lozenges and pizza when you feel like absolute crap. Yep, that was my exciting Saturday night. After a long day on the couch, I decided that I should get some dinner and I needed something for my throat (around 9pm at night). Since I really needed gas, I figured I’d stop at the gas station which is a stones throw away from the pizza place. I just filled up the tank (much cheaper these days thankyouverymuch OPEC), when I realized that I had locked my keys in my car (along with my purse and cell phone). After spending about 15 minutes trying to get an 800# for my roadside assistance, I remembered that I had a pizza waiting. I called the pizza place and explained to them that I may be up to an hour late picking it up because I had to wait for roadside assistance. They told me that they would be closed by then so I offered to come in the next day to pay them. Then they offered to bring the pizza to me. What lovely ambience it is eating dinner by florescent light at the Mobil station. That’s a Saturday night memory I never want to forget!

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