The First Snow

I love the first snowfall of the year. I know it isn’t much snow, but seeing the first flakes makes me happy. It was nice to wake up this morning with a dusting on the ground. It makes it feel like it’s a little bit more like Christmas. I went with Sue and Jayne to Newport, RI on Friday for some mansion viewing and Christmas shopping and lots and lots of laughing and fun. We went to Marble House this year for a glimpse into the good life. Then we went for a so-so lunch at a new place called the Barking Crab **Insert vulgar STD joke here**. The rest of the afternoon/early evening was spent shopping in Newport. The recession has even hit Newport – there were many empty storefronts and the quality of shopping has really declined. So sad. We did find some great gifts though in a few of the stores, so we can’t complain. I think we’ll go to Northampton, MA next year instead of Newport as the shopping is so much better. The last thing we did was to stop at Starbucks for a pre-travel coffee. This Starbucks is the best Starbucks in the world. They have the nicest staff and go above and beyond to help the customer. It is the second year in a row that we were treated so well there. My favorite part of the Starbucks experience was the holiday decor they are using this year – yarn themed! Check out this wreath:

Love it! Since they aren’t for sale, I’m going to have to copy the idea and make one for myself.

Off to finish my Christmas cards… they are the death of me this year. I should have started them much earlier – oh, well!

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