Christmas 2008

Almost as fast as it arrived, Christmas is now over. So much preparation for just a few days of festivities, but it was worth it.

Christmas Eve started out with the exchanging of gifts with my dad, step-mom, sister and favorite dog, Eily, at Sister Catherine’s house where I received my annual new Vera Bradley bag from Sister Catherine and a nice check $$$ from dad. We then went to step-mom’s sister’s house for the big Christmas Eve party where I caught up on lots of family gossip (there was quite a lot this year – that’s always fun). I left that party around 8:30pm to go to my mom’s house to set up for their “after midnight mass party”. Every year my parent’s host a party for church goers that begins at approx. 12:15am and lasts until about 2am. This year, we were (un)lucky enough to have the last party goers stay until 2:45am (c’mon people, leave already!). Then it’s sleep for a few hours and up for exchanging gifts with my mom, step-dad and step-grandmother and two crazy border collies. Mom and stepdad got me this lovely lamp that I requested and lots of socks, yarn store gift certificates and some other fun stuff.


We had a small family get-together (about 12 people) on Christmas Day at my mom’s house where I got to meet one of the newest members of the family – 15 month old, Bowie (son of my cousin). Bowie and his 3 year old brother were such a treat to be around. What smart, happy children they are and were lucky enough to be able to sit on the lap of Santa Bill.

The day after Christmas, I hosted a German dinner for dad, step-mom, sister, sister boyfriend and nephew. One of the highlights of the evening was watching a DVD of old home movies that my dad compiled. The ABSOLUTE best moment captured on film was of my step-mom disciplining my approx. 4 year old sister on tape (which my sister claims is child abuse). It was a priceless moment. I will try to obtain said video and post the clip in a future post. We also had fun watching video of nephew as a gorgeous little baby (he’s now a rock star) and of my sisters countless hair styles. For this dinner, I was able to use the cutest-ever placecard holders in the world that I bought last year in Northampton, MA. Mini reindeers!

Saturday night brought me to Cassie & Mike’s house for a lovely Christmas party. JoAnna, Marissa, Leila and Joey also came and we had a lovely dinner prepared by Mike, and Cassie surprised us all with a FROM SCRATCH homemade chocolate cake, complete with candy cigarette “candles” in honor of my non-smoking status. That was super sweet. It was the last hurrah before Cassie starts nursing school in a couple of weeks. One of the cutest gifts that I received this Christmas from Cassie was this night light – how freaking cute! Sock Monkey has a new friend!

Today I went to lunch and some post holiday shopping (didn’t spend much) with Jayne & Steve, then went back to their house for exchanging of gifts. Jayne always gets me thoughtful gifts along with my favorite William Wegman calendar.

I’m tired and am looking forward to a quiet day at home tomorrow – hopefully being spent on the couch in my PJs!

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