Wherefore art thou, magazines?

In the last 3 months, four magazines that I subscribe to have gone under and are no longer being published. FOUR! Damn you, recession!

I will no longer be getting Country Home, Cottage Living, Domino, and Radar Magazine as little gifts to me in the mailbox every month. Magazines are my guilty pleasure and this is going to be a small hardship for me.

It’s not just upsetting that they are taking away my reading pleasure, but they are replacing the subscriptions with highly questionable substitutions.

Case in point:

Radar Magazine (a smart, cool, hip, pop-culture/political/current event magazine) is being replaced by Star (the supermarket tabloid that is one step up from the National Enquirer). Huh?

Cottage Living (a cottage/bungalow/small house themed home style magazine) is being replaced with Southern Living (Paula Dean hell). I don’t even live in the south, so why the hell would I want Southern Living.

I haven’t yet heard from Country Home or Domino (a trendy home fashion magazine). Perhaps they’ll replace my subscription with something like Cat Fancy or Billiards Gazette. Great.

When I told one of my workstudy students about my magazine dilemma, he mentioned that perhaps recession-themed magazines would fare much better for the publishers such as Welfare Today* or Foreclosure Monthly*. Advertisers would probably flock to these.

*not real magazines (yet).

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